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SEC Charges Mutual Fund Adviser With Failing to Turn Over Records to SEC Examiners

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a Florida-based investment manager and his firm for failing to provide SEC examiners with records of a mutual fund advisory business that invested in NASCAR-related stocks.Read more


SEC Charges Pfizer with FCPA Violations

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Pfizer Inc. with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) when its subsidiaries bribed doctors and other health care professionals employed by foreign governments in order to win business.Read more


SEC Charges Bristol-Myers Squibb Executive With Insider Trading in Stock Options of Potential Acquisition Targets

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged an executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb with insider trading on confidential information about companies being targeted for potential acquisitions. His illegal trading took place as recently as just weeks ago.Read more


SEC Charges N.Y.-Based Fund Manager and Others With Securities Law Violations Related to Chinese Reverse Merger Company

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged New York-based investment manager Peter Siris and two of his firms with a host of securities law violations mostly related to his activities with a Chinese reverse merger company, China Yingxia International Inc.Read more


International Investing

Individual investors in the United States have access to a wide selection of investment opportunities, including international investments. The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this Investor Bulletin to help educate investors about international investing. This Investor Bulletin describes ways individual investors may obtain information about international investments— including special factors to consider when investing internationally.Read more