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California-Based Telecommunications Equipment Firm and Two Former Executives Charged in Revenue Recognition Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced charges against a Newport Beach, Calif.-based telecommunications equipment company and two former executives accused of improperly recognizing as revenue more than a million dollars’ worth of inventory that was shipped to a Florida warehouse but not actually sold.Read more


Bank of America Admits Disclosure Failures to Settle SEC Charges. Bank Also Resolves Separate SEC Case in $245 Million Settlement.

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced a settlement in which Bank of America admits that it failed to inform investors during the financial crisis about known uncertainties to future income from its exposure to repurchase claims on mortgage loans.Read more


Investor Bulletin: Trading Suspensions

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this Investor Bulletin to help educate investors about the SEC’s rules and regulations related to trading suspensions. The federal securities laws generally allow the SEC to suspend trading in any stock for up to ten business days. This bulletin answers some of the typical questions we receive from investors about trading suspensions. A list of companies whose stock is currently subject to an SEC trading suspension, or which previously has been subject to an SEC trading suspension, may be found here.Read more


Investor Bulletin: How to Check Out Your Financial Professional

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this investor bulletin to provide investors with resources to check out a financial professional’s background. Even if a close friend or family member recommends a financial professional, you should still check out that person for signs of potential problems. Before becoming a customer, take the time to look at the registration status and background of any firm or financial professional you are considering. You should also be able to find out whether the individual is currently registered or licensed, or has been suspended, as well as the individual’s qualifications and employment history. These records are available through the SEC, FINRA, and/or state securities regulators.Read more


SEC Charges Former Bank Executive and Friend With Insider Trading Ahead of Acquisition

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a former bank executive in Massachusetts and his friend with insider trading in advance of the bank’s acquisition of another financial institution.Read more